Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Heroes Footage

OK. I'll be the first to admit that Heroes was a bit of a disappointment last year, but this preview gives me hope. It actually looks pretty freakin' sweet! Check it out...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mysteries Of The Universe???

Upcoming episodes:


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ABC Is Going To Auction LOST Props in May 2010!!!

Looks like the Harley will have to wait... Here's the official press release (Thanks for the heads-up Cher!!):

Calabasas, CA, July 21, 2009— Fans of the hit television show LOST will be getting a sneak preview. No, they can’t see it on TV, but they CAN see it at Comic Con!

ABC is pleased to announce the “LOST” Auction will take place after the series finale in May 2010. “In celebration of our fans around the world, Profiles in History has been selected to auction a selection of original props, set pieces, costumes and collectors’ artifacts from the entire series in order to give our fans a chance to own a piece of one of the greatest, most iconic shows in history. A first look at some of these items will take place at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.”

Profiles in History, the world’s largest Hollywood memorabilia auctioneer, will host this four-day sneak preview at booth #315 at the San Diego Comic Con July 23-26, and conduct this historic auction in May 2010. Kate’s toy plane, Hurley’s winning lottery ticket, Locke’s hunting knife, Sawyer’s letter, Charlie’s guitar, Mr. Eko’s club as well as other key props, costumes and set pieces from the first five seasons of LOST will be on display at Comic Con.

Profiles in History President, Joseph Maddalena: “Profiles in History is thrilled to be holding the LOST Auction. LOST is one of the most iconic TV shows ever created, and we are working in conjunction with ABC to offer fans from around the world an opportunity to own a memento of this amazing show. This is a once in a lifetime auction event that will celebrate one of the most beloved shows in television history.”

For more information about Profiles in History and to download complete catalogs from previous auctions, please visit

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Pearl Jam Single "The Fixer" Out Today

You can hear the new single at the band's official site. I think it has kind of an '80's feel with hints of The Police in there, but I've only heard it once. Check it out at and you be the judge.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yessir!!! We Get Another Hour of LOST Next Season!

The final season, which was originally scheduled for 17 hours, will now run a total of 18 hours! Read more on the matter here:

Official Electronic Press Kit From The First Night Of The U2 Tour

Watch it while you can. I'm sure they'll take it down soon...