Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Time to Vote!

A local radio station here in town, Z-Rock 103, has a daily feature called "Thumbs Up or The Finger" where they showcase new music and let the listeners give the song a Thumbs Up or The Finger.

A while back I mentioned on here that Timbaland was producing Chris Cornell's new album, due out this fall. I ran across a clip of the first single, "Long Gone", on YouTube. I haven't decided if I like it or not. So let's have fun with it. Take a listen and give it a Thumbs Up or The Finger in the comments section. I'm curious to see everyone's reaction.

By the way, this clip was obviously lifted from the Ryan Seacrest show, thus all the annoying soundbites throughout. But you'll get the idea.

1 comment:

Christian Stevenson said...

While I love the unique vocals that can only be Chris Cornell, I'm giving this one the finger. Good effort by a great musician and the premiere producer of the moment, but I'm wishing this one history mui pronto.....