Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dave Matthews Band - Live in Nashville

Yesterday my buddy Charley and I drove to Nashville to see Dave Matthews Band. It was a great weekend all around - from the drive down I-65 listening to random music to the perfect weather to the concert itself. The whole weekend was a real blast and a much-needed break from work and life in general.

As for the show, what can I say? Simply put, it was probably the best DMB show I've seen in five years. Here's the setlist:

Grey Street
Last Stop (Tease)
Seek Up
Burning Down The House
Why I Am
Anyone Seen The Bridge
Too Much (Tease)
Ants Marching
You Might Die Trying
Crash Into Me
Corn Bread
Funny The Way It Is
Jimi Thing
Two Step
Blue Water
All Along The Watchtower

As you can see, they played a good mix of really old and really new (and yet-to-be-released) songs. It was a great time as always.

One down... many many many more shows to go. Kings of Leon in Cincinnati is the next show on the list this summer... I'll keep you posted.

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