Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!

If anyone thinks Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn't exist, just look at me between November 1 and April 1... If you're a friend of mine and I've been a complete jerk to you lately, let me take this opportunity to apologize. It's really bad this year... I think I need to see a doctor!

Oh well.... Every day I live through this cold, snowy, dreary crap is one day closer to spring and summer.... Patience is a virtue.


Christian Stevenson said...

It's about time you apologized you big jerk.... ;)

PS - I HATE winter too!!!!!!!!

Cherlynn said...

Seriously - if you really do think you suffer from SAD, then you should get some of those special light bulbs. Had a friend who lived in Rotterdam for a couple years and she had them and swore they were a life saver!!

Mark said...

I have gone as far as looking for jobs and housing in Phoenix!!!!! I'm at my wits end!!!!!