Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Do People Lie?

This week a very close friend basically lied to my face... or at least omitted enough of the truth that I considered it a lie. Now, I may not be very good at many things, but I consider myself an expert in two areas: I can spot a "snake in the grass" a mile away and I can sniff out a lie like a fart in a car. What's sad is that this person knows me well, has known me for years and knows I'M GOING TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH!!! Why not just tell me the truth up front and avoid a lot of drama and hurt feelings later? People never cease to amaze me! Oh, well... just another name to add to the list of people I can't trust.

So, here are two songs called "Liar". One from Mumford and Sons and one from Rollins Band. Enjoy! (...and please don't lie to me).

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Christian Stevenson said...

Boom! Roasted and Layne Trayned all up in that grill!