Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Week That Was

I know, I know. I said I was going to update the blog more often. What can I say? I have been really lazy lately.

So let me try to rewind a week or so...

-Last Thursday went to The Dame after LOST to catch my buddy Charley's band Pistol Report. This was the first time I had seen them and I have to say I was really impressed. It was a great time, but I had to duck out kinda early. Had to get some sleep. Seeing my friends play live gigs gets my juices flowing again. I used to play with a band here in town and I've been getting the itch to play out again. So if you know a good drummer, bass player and vocalist, send 'em my way. I'm ready to start rockin' again!

-Friday night was a pretty lazy night. I laid around the house and watched Disturbia. It was pretty good. Obviously, it was an update of the Hitchcock classic Rear Window (which I prefer), but not a bad flick.

-Saturday I played with the Praise Team at St. Awesome's. It's always fun to play on stage, but this was especially fun for me because we did Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. For a country boy originally from Eastern Kentucky, this was a treat. After the 5:30 service, I joined my friends Chris, Cher, Kelly and Faith to celebrate Chris and Kelly's birthdays.

-Sunday it was back on stage at St. Awesome's for the 9:30 and 11:15 services. Then it was a mad dash back to Casa De Layne for the UK-Florida game. The Cats beat Florida for the first time since 2004. I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the couch watching the NASCAR race in Atlanta. Dale Jr. finished 3rd. Pretty awesome sports day for me!

-Monday I came home from work and was actually about half asleep when my buddy J 1-Time called to tell me that the Reds and Yankees were playing. Now I know it's only Spring Training and the games don't count, but I haven't seen the Reds since September, so I'll take anything I can get. In typical Reds fashion, we lost 4-0!

-Tuesday after work I went to Blockbuster and rented No Country For Old Men. I had heard mixed reviews of this movie, but I actually enjoyed it. I thought it was a great flick. I don't think it should have won the Best Picture Oscar, though.

-Wednesday I went to Winchester to visit my friends Dennis and Brandy. After a great dinner, Dennis and I had a little Knob Creek and talked about cigars and our upcoming trip to Destin. I'm really looking forward to going to the beach with some great friends. Plus, this will be my first real vacation since 2001! (ed. note - The Fouches are currently getting caught up on LOST. They're about halfway through season two and they're getting through about four episodes a night. I've corrupted a few more people! I love it!)

-Tonight I came home, chilled out, and enjoyed LOST. What an ending! Awesome!

-This weekend my Dad and I are going to Bristol, TN for the NASCAR races. It'll be great to have some quality time with Dad. We haven't been to a race together in a few years, so I'm really looking forward to it.

That's about it. I'll try to update more regularly going forward. For now, though, I really need to go to bed. I have a huge day at work tomorrow.

Later on, kids!

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