Monday, June 2, 2008

Welcome to Cincinnati, Jay Bruce!

In just one week with the Cincinnati Reds, 21-year-old Jay Bruce has hit his first two Major League home runs (one of which was a game winner) and is batting over .590!!!! This kid is unbelievable!!

Things are starting to happen for my beloved REDS, I can feel it. 133-29... You Gotta Believe!!!!!!

Go REDS!!!!!


The Colonel said...

I'm going to see the Reds play the Cardinals next Thursday night! I'm really excited....and I don't have to pay for a single beer or hotdog thanks go HP, Nortel, Pomeroy, and Windstream!

Mark said...

I'm going next Tuesday night... Can't wait!

The Colonel said...

I'll be in Cincy next Tuesday night too...but I'll be drinking at
watching the Celtics kick some Laker butt!