Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Health Update

I met with a surgeon today to discuss and schedule my hernia operation. Everything went very well - much better than expected, actually. The surgery will take about an hour and a half and will be an out-patient procedure, so I won't have to stay in the hospital, which is awesome. The worst part about it will be the first few weeks after the surgery. Basically, I can't lift anything over 15 pounds for six weeks and I'll have to lay around with ice packs on my incisions for a few days to keep the swelling down. Other than the obvious lack of mobility and activity, it should be pretty routine. After speaking with the surgeon, I actually feel relieved. Things could have been a lot worse! I'm just ready to get it over with and get on with my life.

Let me just take this opportunity to thank all of you who have called, emailed and stopped by to check up on me. You guys are the shiz-nit!! Thank you so much for your prayers and keep me in mind on November 17... the day of the surgery.

Oh, before anyone asks, yes I voted today! And you should, too, if you haven't already!

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Christian Stevenson said...

Great news! So happy to hear this bro! Now as for lifting 15 pounds or less, who's going to move that gut of yours around while you're down? AHAHAHAHAHAH