Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

After a quick pit stop by Bar Louie to wish Patch and The Colonel a happy birthday, it was off to O'Neill's Irish Pub to meet up with a group of friends and see my favorite '80's cover band, Long Duk Dong. Yes, they're back together! (Ed. note - Actually, this depends on which band member you ask). It was a great time and the band sounded as good as ever. I really hope they stick with it. Lexington is much quieter when they're not around.

After sleeping in really late (say 1:00 p.m.), I lounged around on the couch all day and watched basketball. I finally managed to pull myself up off the couch for a shower and made my way to the 5:30 service at St. Awesome's. Then it was off to Applebee's to meet another group of friends and then (you guessed it) back to O'Neill's for Long Duk Dong - Night Two. Only this time there was a line around the corner and once we got in, we couldn't move. It was packed. It was hot. It was miserable. I don't know what the capacity is at O'Neill's, but I would bet the farm that there were at least 500 people crammed in there. It was ridiculous. So after hearing five songs or so, me and the boys decided to leave. This really sucked, but I'd seen LDD the night before, so I feel like I really didn't miss much.

Because I attended the Saturday service and had no obligations at church last weekend, I got to sleep in again. It was wonderful! At some point late Sunday morning/early Sunday afternoon I took a shower and drove up to the parents' for lunch. Mom watched LOST all day and I answered her questions (all 1,000,000,000 of them!). I can't believe she's stuck with this crazy show. I'm proud of her!

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