Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Stephen King Novel Out Today!

I have been a Stephen King fan since the summer of 1990. The first King book I read was IT. I remember sleeping with the lights on for about a week after I finished that one!

For my money, Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon and the Dark Tower series are his best works. But his last book, Lisey's Story, was excellent. I have to admit, I know absolutely nothing about this one, so I am very excited to buy it today and get started. This will be a good night to read. As I type this, snow is flying outside and it's very cold - not really my favorite time of the year. This will be the break from reality I need right now!

Plus if I get started with this one tonight, I should have it finished before the new season of LOST starts! Have I mentioned I LOVE LOST?

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