Monday, February 18, 2008


Friday after work I came home and went straight to bed. Then I woke up around 9:00 and decided to go check out a great local rock band, Lucid Grey (see the link to the right). When I first moved to Lexington, Lucid Grey was the first local band I saw. Then when I started attending St. Awesome's, I got to know the singer and drummer as we all attend the same church. Small world...

Saturday I watched the UK game, went to the 5:30 service at St. Awesome's, met up with a bunch of friends at Applebee's and then went to O'Neill's Irish Pub to see Long Duk Dong (again, see the link to the right).

Sunday, I met my parents for lunch then went to my buddy Spencer's house for a Daytona 500 party. It was a great time, but I could hardly hold my eyes open. I chalked it up to a late Saturday night, but that didn't explain the horrible cough and total body ache. So I left the party early, stopped by the pharmacy for cold/flu meds, and came home. Sure enough I had a fever of 101.

This morning I actually got up and attempted going to work. I made it till about 9:30 and came home.

So here I sit, coughing my head off and nursing flu symptoms. But the good news is there is a Mythbusters marathon on the Discovery Channel, so it may not be a bad day after all.

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