Friday, February 1, 2008

A Few Things I Learned From My LOST Party

-When fixing Chicken Parmesan, it's always a good idea to actually turn the oven ON.

-When you're planning to take pictures at a gathering such as this, it's always a good idea to actually have a camera.

-While the girls are eating, they guys will play Guitar Hero just because it's there and we can.

-When you cook for 10-14 people, all the dishes will not fit in the dishwasher in one load (or two or three).

-One benefit to cooking WAY too much food - you don't have to worry about lunch the next day (or dinner for that matter).

-I really need to buy some Zip-Lock bags

-When you plan to do a Live LOST Blog, it's a good idea to actually take notes and do it.

-Never, ever, under any circumstances, pause the show to ask a question (Love ya Sis!)

-When you have a LOST party, you won't get anything done at work the next day.

And finally the most important thing I learned from the LOST party...

-I have been extremely blessed to have such great friends.

I want to thank everyone for coming over. It was an absolute BLAST! I'm already planning the menu for the next LOST party which is probably going to be for Episode 8. Last night we set a record for the most people in my house at one time. Let's see if we can break it next time!


Christian said...

And I learned you can make some great chicken parm! Thanks for hosting. Had a great time and while I'm hoping it's a long, drawn out process in getting to episode 8, I'm also looking forward to the regathering!

Anonymous said...

Markus--it was sad I had to leave early! Thanks for hosting!