Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Back!!!

Happy LOST Day everyone!

After a five-week break, my favorite show returns tonight with all-new episodes. I can't wait... although, it doesn't really feel like five weeks have gone by. I guess that would have a lot to do with baseball season being back and other shows like The Office returning after the writer's strike.

Finally, I have something to be excited about. Usually at this point in the baseball season, I would still be excited about my beloved Cincinnati Reds, but seeing as how we're 22 games into the season and the Reds are 9-13, it's kinda hard to be excited. But I remain a good, loyal and faithful fan. 149-13 - you gotta believe!!!!

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Kelly Thorne said...

Don't forget...Grey's is back TOO!! YEA, I love Thursday night TV.