Monday, April 21, 2008


-I'm bored.
-As I type this, the Reds are getting destroyed by the Dodgers.
-Long Duk Dong plays at O'Neill's the next two weekends!!
-I really need to update my blog more often.
-So far, 32 has been better than 31...
-New Indiana Jones movie comes out May 22!!
-New James Bond movie comes out in November!!
-I found a recipe for Brown Sugar Pork Chops that sounds mighty tasty (may need to try this soon)
-I wonder if anyone is reading this...
-The new REM album is pretty great.
-LOST comes back Thursday!!!
-My future wife and the Hobbit got back together (BOO!)
-Is it just me or was Eli Stone the best new show this season (due in large part to Natasha Henstridge).
-Keeneland has gone by way too fast.
-Is this the end of cold weather? Please?
-I've been working way too late over the past few weeks, but leaving early on Friday has been pretty sweet.
-Will I have another vacation in this lifetime? Not looking good right now...
-Is anyone STILL reading this?
-It's April 21 and I still have no earthly idea who I'm voting for in this Presidential election (I know who I'm NOT voting for, but that's a topic for another day).
-Why do I always see the most stunningly beautiful women when I'm in traffic and not when I'm buying groceries?
-I highly recommend the HBO mini-series John Adams.
-I want some new music (any suggestions?)
-Should I make a withdrawal from the Harley Fund to buy a new plasma TV?

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Christian Stevenson said...

Confirmed. Yes I'm reading, yes your need to update more often and're definitely bored!