Friday, September 12, 2008



The Colonel said...

I've been listening to this quite a bit...and if they cut the guitar solos in would be so much better. However, IMHO, it's their best work since And Justice for All.

However, last night on my run, I listened to Mastodon's Blood Mountain...and it's got to be the best metal album in years. Have you heard that yet?

Mark said...

Mastodon were at Bonnaroo this year. I'm sure they played songs from Blood Mountain, but I'm not real familiar with their stuff. I liked what I saw/heard, though.

I love this new Metallica album. I always loved the fact the they were "heavy but musical" and they've gotten back to that. St. Anger was heavy but just noise. This album is back to basics.

Mark said...
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The Colonel said...

I'll get you a copy of the Mastodon...if you like "heavy but musical" you should love them!

I didn't mind St. Anger....reminded me of the Garage Days stuff...which was my first introduction to Metallica as a kid....but it was more thrash w/out any melody.