Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Like Ric Flair, I'm Stylin' (WOOO!!!) and Profilin'

I'm not bragging, but...

...I just bought three new suits and a sports coat for pennies on the dollar... literally!

A clothing store here in town (and statewide) is closing its doors after many many years and as a result they are selling off everything at 80% - 90% off. While I hate to think of all the employees who are losing their jobs, these kinds of discounts don't come around everyday. So I took advantage of the situation.

Now I just need to find a few weddings or other formal functions to attend so these new duds don't hang unworn in the closet!


Christian Stevenson said...

Yesss!!! The always hip Ric Flair! He'll always be the king... WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a wedding coming up at the end of March...March 28, 2009 that you may want to will be getting an invitation soon!